The Ruse and Son Abattoir

One major distinction between Ruse and Sons and other butchers is that we have our very own abattoir, right here on our premises. We provide a full slaughter & butchery service to small holders, stock keepers and farmers within a radius of 20 to 30 miles covering Suffolk & North Essex.

This local Suffolk abattoir is valuable as it allows us not only to slaughter the majority of our meat on site but also enables us to know that the animals are treated as kindly and humanely as possible, from the moment they walk on to our premises, right to the very end. We believe the environment of a small abattoir is more condusive to the animals well being than larger alternatives. In fact, we featured in the well renowned Jamie Oliver’s documentary “Jamie Saves Our Bacon” detailing how we treat animals humanely.

Our customers tell us exactly how they want their livestock butchered and others leave it up to us to satisfy their requirement. We use detailed diagrams to educate and give peace of mind as to what tour customers can expect from the finished product, whether it be sausages, bacon or joints.

Alongside as providing a service where customers can take their own meat away, we also slaughter livestock from local farmers that is served in our butcher’s shop.

All our work in the abattoir is of course regulated by the Meat and Hygiene Service and the Hallmark Veterinary Group.

Chris Hawkins, a local Suffolk farmer who brings his livestock to our abattoir
Chris Hawkins uses our Slaughter & Butchery service
All our meat is

Charlie Partridge

& his pigs which comes from Groton Farm Suffolk.

Mr Ketley

Who hand picks Heffer cattle under 30 months old & preferably continental or Belgian Blues

Mr Partridge

Is proud to use our Slaughter & Butchery service which he sells at his Partridges Farm Shop in Hadleigh High Street.