Our Produce

We at Ruse’s take pride in that most of our produce is slaughtered from local trusted farmers. This means our customers are getting the very best meat which in the very best condition.

All cattle, lambs and pigs are hung for differing time frames to allow maximum maturity and flavour, for example, our beef is hung for 21 days before it is cut up. We can then produce the cuts of meat we have become famous for, whether it be fine beef steaks, succulent pork chops or a choice leg of lamb. Our range of fresh poultry, which of course includes chicken and game, is of the very highest quality.

Our hand made sausages are a big hit locally, popular varieties are pork and apple, pork and sage, old English Peppercorn, venison, and not forgetting Boernurst sausages which are nearly 100% meat and contain 30% beef.

All Ruse and Sons burgers, which we provide in a variety of flavours, contain no less than 80% meat.BBQ Favourites include spatchchock chickens in a garlic, chilli and lemon sauce. We enjoy attention to detail and quality in all our products and because of this we are pleased to be recommended by Gourmet Britain and The Good Food Channel

Our bacon is all dry-cured, the Black Molasses and Brown Sugar Suffolk back being a favourite of our regular customers. Our experienced butchers are always happy to recommend other great tasting options.

We also have a delicatessen counter which stocks an assortment of cheeses, olives, pates, cooked meat and freshly made pies to tempt you. We stock over forty varities of cheeses including British favourites such as Colston Basset Stilton, Lincolnshire Poacher Cheddar, Mature Wensleydale and Cornish Yarg.