The Ruse and Son butchers are highly skilled professional butchers





Steve represents the the ‘classic butcher; with his great understanding of slaughtering and butchery learnt over 30 years. The Ruse family feel incredibly lucky to have Steve managing the business.

“People trust out knowledge and experience. It’s a pleasure when you interact with customers and give them good advice on cooking our produce. We have so much pride in our food and wish it to arrive at the table at its best.”


Steve and Lizzie from Ruse and Son butchers in Long Melford Suffolk


"We are passionate about our customer service to ensure that or customers not only receive the finest product but also leave us knowing that they have received a personal service as well as a ‘nose to tail’ knowledge that few butchers in Suffolk can provide."


Source is the key. ‘The rights livestock from the right farmer’ Animals that are handled on these premises are treated respectfully prior to and during slaughtering. The meat is hung for the correct time, butchered with skill presented into desirable cuts that people can use. Quality throughout is vital.


Leon a valued member of the team of butchers at Ruse and Son


With 15 years’ butchery experience, Leon has a great eye for the level and detail our customers want and expect. “I love sourcing new ideas that we can offer to our customers and putting a twist on traditional dishes.”


"Chicken Breast stuffed with plum, ginger and sausage meat, wrapped in smoked bacon…try them, they are amazing. Any ideas? Please shout!"

Mark a valued member of the team of butchers at Ruse and Son


Mark joined Ruse and Son in 2015 with a wealth of knowledge and excellent butchery skills which he has acquired over the last 30 years.


"I love interacting with the customers and helping them to have just the right cut and how best to serve it."

Leon a valued member of the team of butchers at Ruse and Son


Lewis has trained under the watchful eye of Steve and his team and he has learnt his butchery skills well. Lewis is a fantastic sausage maker. He is always looking to add new combinations and flavours.


"Our gluten free burgers are a firm favourite. Tender and full of flavour."

Robyn a valued member of the team of butchers at Ruse and Son


Robyn joined Ruse and Son and is our first slaughter woman, her skills are impeccable.


"I love my job, working in an environment where animal welfare is a priority and so important to me. Ruse and Son butchers standards are fantastic and there is no butchers within Suffolk that can give me such training across all breeds and also hand my skill directly to the customer."